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Lesson length, Frequency and Tuition


I offer lessons in the following lengths:

  • 30 min for beginner sutdents through middle school. 

  • 45 min minimum lengths for serious middle school students and high school students. 

  • 60 min for serious students

  • 90 min for students that are making reeds. 


Weekly lessons are encouraged for sustained progress and will help you motivate to reach your goals. 


Lesson cancellation policies

I will let you know of any schedule confict as early as possible. I would need 24 hours of notice for any emergency cancelation. Failure to notify me will result in a forfeited lesson. 




Lesson Expectations

Just like any private lessons, oboe students are expected to have warmed up prior to their oboe lesson on-line or off-line. 


We will adress your specific oboe issues in the lessons and strategize your learning outcome. In general, the goals of private lessons is to build a solid fundemental of oboe playing and musicianship. 


Practice Makes Progress


In our lessons we will learn how to practice the oboe in an effecient and healthy way. Students are strongly advised to put in physical hours of practice on their instruments to better their oboe health and physique. 


Here are some recommended time frames per day:

  • Beginners: 15-20 min 

  • Intermediate: 30-45 min

  • Advance: 45-60 min per session



Hybrid Oboe Lessons


I teach online oboe lessons primarily through, click on the link to find out more and make your first free appointments there. 


This platform offers a stable connection, solid sound quality. The best part of this platform is that the lessons are recorded for  students to review later. 


You can take oboe lessons from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a stable internet connection and a good working microphone and you are ready to go. Ofcoures, a hybrid lesson will never replace a real face to face lesson but why not give it a try? This platform might totally suprise you! 


Book your first free appointment here:

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