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Teaching Philosophy


I believe teaching is a way of performing arts, and performing arts is a way of teaching. My philosophy of oboe pedagogy as a teacher comes from the viewpoint of being a performer and a teacher. Effective teaching and learning are multifaceted and synchronized; one does not stand-alone from another.


Teaching and learning is one unified module yet separate as counterparts. Effective teaching and learning happens when both student and teacher are prepared with an open and enthusiastic mind. This positive and goal oriented attitude is what builds self-efficacy and musical awareness in student learning. Because when given the opportunity to explore trial and error on one’s sense of musical identity an independent musical voice will emerge.


Effective teaching also requires flexibility. There are all kinds of learners and no one person has the same learning style. As a teacher, I make an effort to individualize my teaching approach to student needs in a methodical and organized manner. A high school senior’s college audition may be very different than a university student’s senior recital. They may be learning the same repertoire for the occasion, but the reason behind the learning is different not to mention their learning style. Thus, catering the needs of student learning and agenda in an individualized way is important to my teaching.


Being challenged is a way of being reflective. Although I am a student-centered teacher at large, I am no stranger to incorporating musical challenges in my teaching. Appropriate challenges helps student discover their own learning styles, problem solving strategies, and analytical skills. These are rewarding learning experiences where students will utilize all resources they know to complete challenges at hand.


Challenges also bring about a more personal learning process, one that evokes self-reflection. This is an imperative skill to self-motivated learners, where one can self-reflect on their processes within the physical, emotional and musical aspects of oboe playing. I hope my students build a sense of self and confidence from my teachings.


My own East-meets-West identity has deeply impacted my teaching principles. I strive to be a companion, a guide and mentor on this path of process with whom who wish to have me join. I am humbled to those who have let me join their journey thus far; because of their generosity I am a better pedagogue and performer. I am dedicated to impart all of my resources to students so that he or she may flourish on this musical journey.  



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